I just love being an Interior Decorator this time of the year!

I spend countless hours browsing through my favorite interior design magazines and catching up on all the design blogs I follow. With the New Year comes a sense of renewal in the design industry as homeowners start dreaming about giving their home a fresh new look once the holiday season is over.

This month I want to help my Orlando interior design clients get a jump on what’s hot by highlighting five of my favorite design trends for 2019. From the latest color palettes to natural products and even the return of big and bold colors, this year promises to make your living space uniquely yours.


Make for a warmer kitchen

Marble is still making a classic statement in kitchens all over Orlando. This year I predict my design clients will be asking for warmer tones instead of the stark white and greys of years past. If you love to entertain, dark countertops will make your dishes, linens, and flowers come alive against its earthy backdrop.


Feeling adventurous?

I love it when a decorating client asks me to show them something bold and adventurous. While neutral colors are most common in interior design, bold and vibrant colors are making a dramatic statement and completely changing the way looks and feels.


Embrace Natural Elements

If your style leans toward modern, minimalistic or even industrial concrete is the product of choice. Its utilitarian surface is durable and practical but stylish and trendy, to say the least.  With new staining techniques, concrete can be colored to match any décor and be honed and polished down to a beautiful smooth surface.


Oversized Light Fixtures

My favorite trend has to be all about light fixtures!  It’s the first thing people notice when they walk in a room, and they’re gaining popularity across the board throughout the design industry. Light fixtures have become a way to define the main style of a room; whether it be industrial, modern, retro or anything in between it’s what gives a room it’s personality. The fixtures you choose are a reflection of you and it’s what adds flair and drama to any space.


Yes, they’re back!

I have to admit I didn’t think I’d ever see a come back of the bold floral and geometric patterns in fabrics and wallpapers of the past.  But they’re back and bigger and bolder than ever! Large colorful prints such as birds and flowers are making a hit by becoming the focal point of any room.

There you have it — my favorite design trends for 2019.

Not everyone will love all of the hottest new styles but pick one or two and make them your own. The best advice I can give you is to take what you love and use it as a starting point. Think about what makes you happy and what you like to surround yourself with. Then create a room that makes you happy.


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